Project Management
Case 2
PERT-Project Schedule/Model

Excel workbook, macPERT.xlsm, contains a macro that generates a PERT schedule, including the earliest task start and finish times,
the latest task start and finish times, slack times, critial tasks, as well as the expected project completion time and the variance of the time.


iPreds = Immediate Predecessors
m = Most Likely (Typical) Task Duration
a = Optimistic (Shortest) Task Duration
b = Pessimistic (Longest) Task Duration


avgDuration = the Average/Expected Task Duration
var Duration = the Variance of the Task Duration
eStart = the Task's Earliest Start Time
eFinish = Earliest Finish Time

lStart = Latest Start Time
lFinish = Latest Finish Time

tSlack = the Task's Total Slack Time
fSlack = Free Slack Time

critTask (Yes/No) = Is the task critical?
critPath (Yes/No) = Is the task part of the critical path?
E[PCT] = the Expected Project Completion Time
var[PCT] = the Variance of the Project Completion Time

Detail instructions about seting up a project and generating the PERT schedule are provided in the workbook, macPERT.xlsm.

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